Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions (In these Terms & Conditions “We/us/our” refers to the Guest House owners and “You/your” refers to The Guests.Any dispute will be resolved in the English courts and according to the laws of England & Wales)


Reservations You may make reservations up to one year in advance. To secure a booking a non-refundable deposit is payable. We will inform you of the amount at the time of booking. Deposits can be paid by credit/debit card or cheque. Cheques must reach the Hotel at least seven working days before you are due to arrive and cannot be used for payment once at the Hotel. Payments at the Hotel are by card or cash only. The person making the booking is responsible for all costs involved in the reservation including loss or damage. We reserve the right to cancel your booking up to 4 weeks prior to your arrival and will refund any deposits/payments made to us.


Room Prices Prices quoted are per person per night for bed & breakfast. If you make a reservation more than three months in advance, the quoted room price may change. We will try to inform you of any likely price changes at the time of your booking or will contact you with any price increases once they are known. In this situation you have the right to cancel your reservation and have your deposit refunded. Non registered guests are not allowed in bedrooms after midnight. If you bring in extra guests we will charge you the full nightly rate for those guests.


Cancellations  If you cancel a booking or part of a booking up to 10 days prior to arrival you will lose your deposit. For cancellations after this time, we reserve the right to claim payment for the full amount of the original booking. Guests leaving earlier than stated in their original booking will have to pay the full amount of the original booking unless otherwise agreed with us.


Arrivals and Departures Rooms are available from 1200hrs although earlier arrivals may be possible with our agreement. You are asked to inform us of your arrival time if possible. Check out on day of departure is 1100hrs. Later departures may be possible by arrangement


Access to the Hotel  You have 24 hour access to the Hotel.

Breakfast  Breakfast is served between 0900hrs-0930hrs. Orders will not be taken outside these hours unless agreed by us in advance.SmokingIt is against the law to smoke anywhere in the Hotel. Guests will be asked to leave without refund if found doing so.


Hotel Property We will charge you the full cost of replacing or repairing any hotel property you lose, damage or soil, however this is caused. If you notice any damaged or missing items on arrival to your room you must inform us immediately.


Guest Property We cannot be responsible for loss of or damage to your property unless it is deposited to us for safe keeping. 

Conduct  We reserve the right to amend or terminate any contract should the conduct of any person be offensive or detrimental to the comfort of other guests. Abusive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated and guests will be asked to immediately vacate their rooms and leave the hotel.


Payment  Any balance due on the reservation must be paid in full on arrival unless agreed otherwise with us. You must pay any money owing to us on departure. If you fail to do so we may take action against you to recover the money including any legal costs.We reserve the right to use your credit card or debit card without further request if necessary.